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Head chef Fabian Heldmann fabianheldmann has been awarded with his first Michelin star beginning of The restaurant is small and beautifully designed and offers tables for about 20 diners.

Restaurant and hotel was founded by owners Karen and chef Axel Heldmann, the parents of Fabian. The family has a long tradition in gastronomy in Stuttgart region. Axel left the kitchen to make space for the next generation of chefs. Axel is responsible for wine and together with brot92 for service team.

He does his sommelier role with lots of passion. Since many years he has a focus on organic wines.

All dishes are beautifully arranged. Ingredients are mainly from the region but also from best international supply. Dishes are full of aroma and flavors, and reflect by this the colorful look.

Fotostory Zauberlehrling - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Service is very hearty and personally. He does his sommelier role with tots of passion. Der Zauberlehrling, Oberhausen derzauberlehrling oberhausen photography. Band 1 Provenzalisches Blut erscheint am 2.