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At PFS, we know that no two customers are alike.

We take the time to understand your needs. From there, our team will work to ensure that you have access to the best supplies to take on those needs directly.

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How are we able to keep our prices so reasonable? Because TUG represents so many wholesalers, we can use our combined buying power to bring lower prices and offer a broader range of products to our customers. Lower prices for better products is one of the many reasons PFS is the top choice for customers across North Carolina. Because of our membership with TUG, we believe that we can help you get more, spend less, and save money and hassle in the long run.

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We provide a source you can return to time and again for all of your paper and plastic disposable product needs. We hope you will browse our site to learn more about our company and the services we provide. Click Here for a Credit Application. Browse by Category Choose Your Product Transition to another bamboo made product, cotton buds. Say good riddance to the plastic cotton bud and introduce the much more environmentally friendly kind. Plastic cotton buds is another major plastic ending up in our oceans and causing devastation to the marine life.

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A cheap and easy switch to make but with such a positive effect to our environment. The marine life will thank you!

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Photo Credit - Natasha Ewins. Take your own reusable bags when out shopping.


Whether it's shopping for groceries, fruit, vegetables or even clothes always remember to take your own bags. We are already bombarded with an overwhelming amount of plastic at the supermarket but where possible pick fruit and veg not wrapped in plastic.

openyouyoga.com/how-to-install-gps-tracking-devices-in-phone-motorola-moto-z4.php We have beautiful organic cotton mesh bags at Oak Lane, perfect for fruit and veg and for only a few quid they can be used again and again, unlike the single use plastic bags supplied at supermarkets. Unfortunately the images of plastic bags found in our oceans and marine life is all too common. Be part of the change! You may have noticed that the simple bar of soap is making a big comeback.

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Good for you and good for the environment, Yay! It is likely that the run of the mill wrapping paper you use for wrapping your presents is neither plastic free or recyclable. Due to dyes, glitters and non paper additives this prevents it from being recycled. A way to apparently test if your paper is recyclable is by doing the scrunch test. If you scrunch it up and it stays scrunched then it is recyclable, and if it doesn't then it's not!