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Diese Frage sorgte beim zweiten. Crank-powered laptop vs. And the similarities stop right By the end of the meeting, the fundamental right of free communication was temporarily rescued from the grip of governmental regulation. Technology summit wraps up in Tunisia Business Week A crucial summit on expanding Internet access around the world ended Friday with a firm promise to narrow the digital divide -- but little in government funding to make it happen. It has called for them to do more to introduce opportunities for everyone to connect with - and participate in - the Internet and other global networks.

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Switch on internet power globally Gulf News Technology has the power to be the greatest leveller of them all between developed and emerging economies. This week, digital revolution and divide as well as the place of the so-called third world, which is presently living at the outskirt of the digital equation, will dominate discussion in high circles. China makes great progress in bridging digital divide: ITU official People's Daily Online China has made great progress in bridging digital gap in the past 10 years, an official from the International Telecommunication Union ITU told reporters on Thursday.

Russian minister calls for limited Internet regulation. Itar-Tass News Agency Russian Information Technologies Minister Leonid Reiman, who attended the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia, believes Internet should be internationally controlled to avert brainwashing and falsifications, however the regulation should be limited to allow the world web develop. Pocket answer to digital divide BBC News Dorset Much of the debate about the digital divide centres on getting computers into the hands of budding digital citizens in developing countries.

Free speech debate dominates UN summit Sunday Times A debate about freedom of expression simmered at a United Nations UN communications summit as a French campaigner was stopped from attending and China and Senegal defended limits on free speech. Internet summit: great ideas but too little money Kerela News Ten years after the Internet began to change the world, almost one billion people are "online", and the United Nations intends to raise this number to three billion by the year Based in Singapore, he is a correspondent for The Straits Times.

Global reach Guardian After sorting out the power divide in favour of continued US governance of the internet , the UN information summit in Tunis yesterday moved on to a much more important matter - the digital divide. The End User: What laptop per child? Die digitale Kluft ist vor allem ein politisches Problem Frankfurter Rundschau Dass alle Menschen im Jahr die gleichen Chancen haben, sich zu informieren, ist zweifelhaft. Wiring Women Won't Close the Gap Inter Press Service "People say, 'what are you talking about: it's just a computer, it's just a telephone -- how can there be gender issues over technology? Net summit puts focus on censorship Aljazeera A United Nations communications and technology summit, which ended with a pledge to expand the availability of the internet, has turned the spotlight on censorship.

Internet Access? What About Just a Telephone?

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Inter Press Service When Emilio Contrera, a small farmer in Paraguay who is nearly 80 years old, wants to phone his daughter in the capital, he must first overcome a number of hurdles. The World Information Summit calls for lifting the control over the Internet in the developing countries Asharqalawsat - Arabic The World Summit hosted in Tunisia calls for more efforst to bridge the digital divide and lighten up control of the Internet, especially in some developing countries. However, on the margins of the summit, human rights organization published a map showing countries which censor the Internet.

Machines to overtake humans in Internet use Gulf Daily News Machines will overtake humans to become the biggest users of the Internet in a brave new world of electronic sensors, smart homes, and tags that track users' movements and habits, the UN's telecommunications agency predicted yesterday. Le SMSI aura accueilli plus de Senegal calls for digital funds BBC News Senegalese leader Abdoulaye Wade has called on the richer nations to do more to help developing countries buy technology hardware.

Eleventh-hour deal avoids split over Internet control Times of India An 11th-hour deal has avoided a potentially damaging split between the United States and the rest of the world over control of the Internet after diplomats agreed to work towards enhanced international cooperation. Negotiators struck an agreement on key clauses on Internet governance for endorsement during the World Summit on the Internet Society, which began in Tunis on Wednesday. Internet summit ends with promises, little funding CNN. The World Summit on the Information Society originally was conceived to raise consciousness about the divide between the haves and have-nots, and to raise money for projects to link up the global village, particularly Africa and Asia and South America.

Annan: Let internet help world's poor Aljazeera UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called for the internet and information technology to be used to help build a better life for people in some of the world's poorest countries. Web must help poor, says UN The Courier-Mail UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called for the internet and information technology to be used to help build a better life for people in some of the world's poorest countries.

UN tech summit renews push to close digital divide Irish Examiner A UN technology summit in Tunisia was set to get down to business today as it focused on giving more communications, including internet access, to countries where the cost has been too high and the technology too low-tech. Who's Running the Internet? PCWorld It depends on whom you ask, say delegates to a conference on Net governance. Gov't control of Internet fails to gather support at Tunis summit Kyodo News China, Brazil and other countries called for bringing the Internet under domestic government control but failed to gather support at a U.

Battle for future of Internet ends with a stalemate Taipei Times An expected fight over the governance of the Internet looked to have been averted on Tuesday night as a tentative deal was struck which would allow the US government to retain overall control of the medium for the foreseeable future. Tunisia slated over net controls BBC News England Tunisia has again come under fire for its attitude towards media freedom.

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A truly worldwide web Canada. News Analysis: Many claim victory over global Web pact International Herald Tribune In the best diplomatic tradition, virtually all sides in the Internet governance debate are claiming victory after more than nations agreed to leave control of core network resources under the direction of the United States. Maran's offer on multilingual technology The Hindu Communications and Information Technology Minister Dayanidhi Maran has offered the world community Indian technology developed to address multi-language challenges.

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India's IT initiative hailed The Hindu An innovative Indian initiative to harness information technology to empower every village has won wide appreciation for bringing together government, people and corporates in partnership. Civil Society Vows to Make Best of Consolation Prize All Africa It was not what they had set out to accomplish, but civil society groups gathered here to discuss Internet governance and development, are vowing to make the best of the deal that was struck.

More Internet, Less Poverty? Inter Press Service Building a bridge across the digital divide might not be the smooth path to poverty reduction that many people believe. Annan calls for digital bridges Turkish Weekly The UN secretary general has called on the world to do more to narrow the technology gap between rich and poor. Opening the World Summit on the Information Society, Kofi Annan said nations had to show the political will to bridge the digital divide. FT Briefing: Internet governance Financial Times The debate over internet governance dates back to the very early days of the network.

First developed in by the US military, the internet was designed to withstand attack through its distributed design if part of the network was destroyed, the remainder would continue to function. Internet governance remains in US hands Financial Times Internet governance will remain predominantly under US control for at least five years, after a vote at a UN conference in Tunisia. The second summit of the UN-endorsed World Summit of the Information Society, which is under way in Tunis, agreed late Tuesday night to a deal that will see the status quo continue largely unchanged.

American - European agreement over Internet control Albayan - Arabic A consent had been struck to progressively adjust Internet governance in order to avoid a conflict between the US, which is refusing to cede any control, and the rest of the world. UN predicts 'internet of things' BBC News Changes brought about by the internet will be dwarfed by those prompted by the networking of everyday objects, says a report by a UN body. The study looks at how the use of electronic tags and sensors could create an "internet of things". About the size of a textbook, the lime-green machines can set up their own wireless networks and operate in areas without a reliable electricity supply, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT researchers said at the United Nations technology Summit.

It's a noble goal, but is it feasible? Want to grab somebody's attention in the tech world? How about mentioning that you got e-mails from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell the night before, all of them weighing in on your current obsession. Machines and objects to overtake humans on the Internet: ITU Yahoo News - AFP Machines will overtake humans to become the biggest users of the Internet in a brave new world of electronic sensors, smart homes, and tags that track users' movements and habits, the UN's telecommunications agency predicted.

In a report entitled "Internet of Things", the International Telecommunication Union ITU outlined the next stage in the technological revolution where humans, electronic devices, inanimate objects and databases are linked in real time by a radically transformed Internet. Internet hegemony and the digital divide The Economist A squabble over who controls the internet had threatened to overshadow the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia. This leaves delegates free to discuss bridging the digital divide between rich and poor countries.

October in an attempt to convince them to end their fast. Tunisia chided over Web censorship International Herald Tribune The hundreds of Tunisian flags waving across the capital city are like so many miniature red carpets unfurled in welcome for the 10, or so people, including scores of heads of state, who have come here to talk about the Internet this week. Analysis: More talk on net's future BBC News Business Edition After two years of sometimes acrimonious global debate, representatives from more than nations finally came to an agreement on the future of internet governance late on Tuesday night in Tunis.

UN Summit to Serve the People? Inter Press Service Now that the world's powers have agreed to stop squabbling over control of the Internet for now , will the more than 10, people here for this week's United Nations forum focus on creating an information society for all people? Row over American control of the net avoided Gulf News A potentially damaging rift over American control of the Internet was averted hours before a key summit aimed at helping poor countries embrace the net began.

US to keep control of Internet traffic system ABC News The United States will keep control of the domain-name system that guides online traffic under an agreement on Wednesday seen as a setback to efforts to internationalize one of the pillars of the Internet.

Tunis talks find internet compromise Times Online The United States looks set to continue managing the system for assigning internet addresses after an eleventh-hour deal averted a potential split between America and the rest of the world over the future governance of the web. Global Internet meeting to endorse U.

Agreement allows U. November , Tunesien: Wer regiert im Netz? Deal reached on managing Internet Globeamdmail.


US retains control of internet - for now Financial Times The US will keep control of the global internet for the foreseeable future, under a hard-fought international deal reached only hours before Wednesday's formal opening in Tunis of the World Summit on the Information Society. Digital revolution 'must benefit poor' The Australian AN 11th-hour deal has avoided a potentially damaging split between the United States and the rest of the world over control of the internet after diplomats agreed to work towards enhanced international cooperation.

Im Interview mit tagesschau. Be wary of Internet 'governance' USA today In the North African capital city of Tunis, a world summit will convene today to discuss, and perhaps shape, the future of the Internet. Since the Internet has grown fabulously without much shaping in the past, you have every reason to worry about this meeting, formally titled the World Summit on the Information Society. Et commet une erreur. The Arab World is fleeing the marginalization of the telecommunication revolution Al Jazirah - Arabic.