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Can you relate? Balloon Games. They never fail.

Balloon Pyramid - Balloon Cup Stacking! (Minute to Win It)

They always make a fun activity with minimum preparation and kids have tons of fun and active play to wear off that energy they have. Crazy fun! I hope you found at least few favorite balloons games or activities for your kids. If you have a fun balloon game for kids, please share with us in the comment below.

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By Birute Efe 2 Comments Winter is at its deepest and the boredom level has reached the highest level in our house. In situations like that — I always try to look for something simple yet fun kids can do.


Catch a balloon in a funnel Crazy fun! Vanillajoy 2.

Make balloon rockets. Pagingfunmums 3.


25 Balloon Games For Kids That Will Fill Them With Excitement

DIY balloon drop Pinnedit 4. Make your own yo-yo toy. From a balloon! Tinkerlab 5.

Top 11 Fun Balloon Party Games

Play Balloon tennis. For Parents For Teachers. Kids, have your say! Do you like this page? Vote by clicking on a face. Introduction Solo ballo No hands Volleyball-oon!

Balloon games - Kiwi Families

Solo ballo. No hands. FREE download!

Download your own 'Balloon games' instructions here Follow us Just for grown ups!