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The resurgence of the literary great got us to thinking about other literary bad boys who rocked the boat and won notoriety for it — most of them buoyed by endless talent, or just star power.

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After all, everyone loves to hate or in some cases, loves to love the literary rebels and the scandalous men of letters. More importantly, he sticks to his idealistic guns, even when under heavy attack. Like father, like son.

The bad boy of post-war American letters was a literary giant for more than six decades — and he came with an ego to match. Leaving almost as many controversies and literary sideshows in his wake as novels, including running for mayor of New York City in , he had often unpopular opinions on everything, and no problem letting everyone know about them.

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This is the first book in the "Chesapeake Bay" series and confirmed my serious addiction for stories written by Nora Roberts. The hero, fast-talking, fast-living, outrageously sexy Cameron Quinn, relinquishes his globe trotting life when his father dies in an accident.

Watching this tough guy turn domestic is perfect reading, as is the romance between him and the social worker. Should Bridget choose bad boy Daniel or good boy Mark?

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Pitted against Colin Firth as Mark Darcy he never had much of a chance. Shakespeare wrote plenty of bad boys I think we can be confident that Hamlet would never offer to give you a foot rub or ask about your day , and Petruchio, from The Taming of the Shrew , is one of my favorites.

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His total disregard for social decorum is part of his appeal. Selfish and mercenary, he finds his match in Kate who gives as good as she gets, proving that the bad boy is most fun to read when he is teamed with a woman who is equally strong.

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